Responsive Website On ERP System

Happy Makadiya
3 min readJul 3, 2020


During 4th Semester of my B Tech Degree as a part of term-work, I have completed remote internship in a company of Vadodara which is based on web development and app development. During Internship we have to complete one project based on what we have learnt in internship and our interest and we are given a task to develop one website based on ERP System for a company.


ERP image

When the company scales, it can be impossible to ensure that you keep track of anything.

Everything is managed using an Enterprise resource planning ( ERP) system, whether it’s customer relationship management, finances, your supply chain, inventory management , human resources or manufacturing.

What is an ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) System is a solution that helps companies manage all aspects of their business with a single interface.

ERP System is intended for manufacturing and distribution industries, large and enterprise companies,

It automates office functions and allows companies to work with just one software.

Companies can either deploy an ERP software on-premise, in the cloud, or both.

“How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose.” Bill Gates.

What Modules are Included in ERP System?

Which are the core advantages of ERP System?

· Business processes become more automated:

· Reduced expense of purchasing and maintaining separate software:

· Improved compliance with legal and other regulatory mandates:

· Total visibility into business data and processes

Why I am Introducing you to ERP model?

I have tried to work on ERP model and tried to implement in one Informative, Responsive website for one company.

Targeted Audience:

Who has large and enterprise businesses, as those companies have multiple business divisions with different data and different needs and want to dirt their hand in ERP System. Any One who want to introduce themselves to ERP System.

Target audience can be accessing this site — via their phones, tablets or desktops.

Look and Feel:

Website or application is responsive when it feels decent across all devices: mega-screens, laptops, tablets, and phones. For each screen size, it uses the most effective layout, the visibility and appearance of certain elements can differ, the font sizes and the spacing are relative.

Cover more devices and, hence, more users

Due to the drastic improvement in website design through different tools, animations have been part of that. We’ve tried to create eye-catching websites to create better conversions and attract people to browse, click, and view things on our sites.

Flowchart Of Website:

Content of Website:

Website of a company who delivers high-performance business modules integrated into customized solution packages for different type of Industry, Data-note for Enterprise and standard edition of ERP Model, various services, products, different pricing model and section for about and contact info.


During Internship I have developed COVID19 Dashboard using Power BI platform. It is indicate Total Confirmed Positive cases, Total cured and Total death in India due to Corona Virus.

Task — Digital Wallet using and C#

During Internship we have learnt ASP.NET and C# with Microsoft SQL server. As a small task I have created basic level Digital wallet which is capable for transferring balance from one phone number to other and also having recharge facility.

Digital Wallet using and c#


I have learnt many things from this internship like technical and professional skills also. As a technical I learnt new language and c# with Microsoft server using Visual Studio, Power BI platform, and many new concept like what is Stored procedure, State Management, Role Management etc in industry.